Tentative course schedule

Date Topic & readings Due at start of class
Jan. 14 TU Class intro

Creating blogs & Twitter accounts

Jan. 16 TH Elements of MPJ & good storytelling

Read blog folders: Learning about MPJ AND Twitter advice

Completed blog & Twitter profile
Jan. 21 TU What’s “good” MPJ?

Read blog folder: Examples of MPJ projects

Blog post 1 & Tweet
Jan. 23 TH Visual storytelling

Read blog folder: Visual storytelling

Blog post 2 & Tweet
Jan. 28 TU Building personal brand

Read blog folder: Building personal brand

Blog post 3 & Tweet
Jan. 30 TH Social media & news

Read blog folders: Social media overview AND Social media & news

Blog post 4
Feb. 4 TU Twitter scavenger hunt details

Read blog folder: Social media tools for journalists

Tweet the news assignment
Feb. 6 TH Field trip: Meet at St. Louis Public Radio 3651 Olive St. (between Spring & Grand)
Feb. 11 TU Roundtable: Twitter scavenger hunt

Using Storify to create a news story

Monday: Twitter scavenger hunt assignment
Feb. 13 TH Mobile reporting tools

Read blog folder: New news tools & apps

Storify story
Feb. 18 TU Writing for print v. online

Read blog folder: Writing for online

Blog post 5 & Tweet
Feb. 20 TH Studio training
Feb. 25 TU Broadcast v. online packages

Read blog folder: Online news packages

3 story ideas for Project 1
Feb. 27 TH Shooting video

In-class assignment: Intro video

Story plan for Project 1
March 4 TU Intro to Final Cut Pro Raw video for intro video
March 6 TH Editing intro video End of class: Intro video
March 11 TU Spring break (no class)
March 13 TH Spring break (no class)
March 18 TU Online copyright & ethical issues

Read blog folder: Online copyright & ethics

Blog post 7
March 20 TH Guest speaker: Amy Zerba, NY Times 3 questions for speaker

3 story ideas for Project 2

March 25 TU Work day/editing Project 1 Raw materials for Project 1

Story plan for Project 2

March 27 TH Editing Project 1
April 1 TU Premiere party: Project 1 Project 1 & tweet
April 3 TH Work day/editing Project 2
April 8 TU Editing Story 2
April 10 TH Content-driven web projects

Read blog folder: Content-driven websites

Raw materials for Project 1
April 15 TU Web design basics

Read blog folder: Web design basics

Blog post 8
April 17 TH Holy Thursday (no class)
April 22 TU Premiere party: Story 2 Story 2 & Tweet
April 24 TH Creating personal portfolio websites

Read blog folder: Examples of MPJ portfolios

Raw content for personal portfolio website
April 29 TU Work day: Personal portfolio websites
May 1 TH Premiere party: Personal portfolio websites Personal portfolio websites
May 6 TU Study day (no class)
May 8 TH Final exam 2-3:50 p.m. Portfolio paper

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