April 29: Work day for portfolio sites

Tuesday’s agenda: Work day on portfolio sites. You *must* attend class — I will meet with each of you to give feedback on your sites.

  • Have at least two of your pages pretty much done so we have something to look at & discuss
  • Come with questions & challenges you’re having with putting together your site

For Thursday: Last class of the semester, and our last premiere party! We’re going to take a look at everyone’s portfolio sites in class & you’ll give us a “tour” of yours.

Due Thursday: Your portfolio site can still be under construction but it needs to be at least 90% done so we have a good sense of your purpose & the contents of your pages.

  • Email me the link to your site before the start of class (which means you need to activate the site so we can look at it in class)

May 8: Final paper & completed portfolio site due during our final period, which is 2-3:50 p.m. Email me your reflection paper & make sure it has a link to your site.

  • See the notes posted on Blackboard for details on what must be included in your reflection paper



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