April 10: Content-driven websites

Thursday’s agenda: We’re starting our last “segment” of the semester: Websites! You’ll sketch out a rough draft of what you want to include in your digital portfolio and how it might be arranged. Bring a pencil and paper!

Due Thursday: Read the materials in the blog folder Content-driven websites. Also, your raw material for Project 2 is due.

For Tuesday: More website material. This time, we’re focusing more on design. Read the materials in the Web design basics folder before the start of class.

Due Tuesday: Blog post 8, which is a content analysis of three websites you like (based on their design & content). For your content analysis, choose:

Include in your analysis:

  • Description of each website
  • Description of info on each page (keywords, topics) on the websites
  • Notes on the content of each page on the websites
  • Description of the overall design of each website (what makes it appealing, effective, etc.?)
  • Notes on the font(s) and color(s) used on each page (readability, fit with design)
  • Description of video/photo/visuals/music on each page (how do they enhance the design & content?)

Your blog post should:

  • Be at least 300 words
  • Be organized well (bulletpoints, headings, etc.)
  • Include links to each website
  • Use a headline that entices people to read your analysis





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