Extra credit opportunity

Interested in earning up to 10 points extra credit?

  • Participate in a focus group about using Twitter to get health info (you must be 18-29)
  • Write a 250-word summary of the experience & post it to your blog

One of the Communication Department’s graduate students is conducting a research project on the credibility of health-related tweets, and needs participants for two focus groups. If you participate, you could win a $15 Starbucks card and earn some extra credit!

The focus group sessions are:

  • Noon Tuesday
  • 5 p.m. April 2

Extra credit requirements (earn up to 10 pts)

  • Sign up & participate in one of the focus groups (You can only do one)
  • Write a 250-word summary of your experience in the focus group

Some questions to consider in your summary:

  • Had you previously thought about how you assess the credibility of Twitter messages in general, and specifically about health-related ones?
  • How do you determine what’s a credible message on Twitter?
  • Does your assessment of message credibility vary between different types of social media?
  • If you’ve taken CMM280 (Research Methods), how did this experience compare to what you learned in class about focus groups?
  • What were your general impressions of being part of a focus group?

Your summary is due by 5 p.m. March 28 if you go to the March 25 session, and due by 10 a.m. April 7 if you go to the April 2 session.


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