Feb. 20: Studio training & prepping for Project 1

Today’s agenda: We’ll meet in our classroom & then head to the studio for a brief training session led by Chris Lepp. After the training, we’ll go back to the classroom & go over some options/examples of class projects.

  • Reminder: this training is required in order to use the studio this semester, which all of you will need to do when you film interviews for your projects.
  • Using the studio: You can reserve the studio for one-hour blocks on Friday afternoons, generally starting at 3:30 p.m. You have to email Chris Lepp (clepp@slu.edu) to reserve the studio.

For Tuesday: Watch/read the materials in the Online news packages folder. We’ll discuss them in class, along with your story ideas for Project 1.

Due Tuesday: Three story ideas for Project 1. Email them to me or share via Google doc by the start of class.

Format for story ideas

What: in two sentences, explain the central focus of your story. If it’s an event, when is it? (Project 1 is due April 1)

How: which two formats (online writing, photo, etc.) will you use and why are those the best ways to tell this story?

Sources (must have three)

  • Name & title: Must have named sources (not “a student”)
  • Contact info: How will you contact this person?
  • Contribution: in 1-2 sentences, explain what information you expect this person to contribute to your story
  • Five questions: List 5 questions you will ask this person to get the info you need for this story

Visuals: in 3-4 sentences explain what type of visuals you will use and how they will help illustrate the story

Side note: Considering shooting a broadcast/online story with a tablet or smartphone? Read these tips first.


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