Feb. 18: Writing for online v. print

Today’s agenda: We’ll talk about the differences in writing for print v. online, and flex your online writing muscles with two in-class assignments.

Due Tuesday: Read the Writing for online folder. Blog post 5 & tweet 5 are due by the start of class.

Blog post 5: Compose your own list of Top 5 tips for online writing. (Think about how it differs from print writing, for example.) Make sure you use online writing principles when writing your post:

  • Brief intro that gives an overview of what you’re writing (a lead, if you will…)
  • Use bulletpoints/numerals, etc.
  • Be concise. No more than three sentences for each of your five items
  • At least one link to cite info from an assigned reading (or a different source if you find something relevant)
  • Headline that uses SEO
  • DO NOT copy & paste from the readings

Tweet 5: Write an interesting tweet (with a link to your blog post) that will entice your followers to click through to your blog post.

  • DO NOT simply copy & paste your headline as the tweet message.

For Thursday: We’ll talk in class about options for Project 1 and go to the CMC Studio for training on some of the equipment.


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