Twitter Scavenger Hunt

#SLUvLU Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Feb. 6-10, 2014 (adapted from the #JRLWeb hunt)

Why are we doing this?

Twitter is a powerful communication tool. Smart Twitter users are thoughtful observers who always have an eye out for info that’s relevant & interesting to their followers. They use Twitter to create community.

This assignment allows you to flex your Twitter muscles by showing off your writing & photo skills. More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to be a storyteller and promoter – valuable skills no matter what media profession you plan to enter. You also get to connect/network with students at another nearby university!


  • First & foremost, think like a reporter. Look for what’s interesting and newsworthy. Be a storyteller and be concise – you CAN do both, even on Twitter. That’s the point of this assignment.
  • Get your facts right & spell people’s names correctly. Include their Twitter handles when appropriate.
  • You also need to think like a PR pro – show the Twitterverse what’s cool about your university. Promote your college brand.
  • Be clear. Make sure it’s easy to figure out which of the eight scavenger hunt items you’re posting about. Use the number or keyword.
  • Use our hashtag #SLUvLU on everything you tweet for this assignment.
  • Offer an introductory tweet before you start that explains the assignment so your followers know what you’re up to.
  • Comment on/reply to at least five other students’ tweets. Start a conversation with students at another university!
  • The scavenger hunt starts at 3:30 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 6) and ends at 5 p.m. Monday (Feb. 10)

Scavenger hunt

1) School spirit: Photo & quote from someone (not a close friend or classmate) revealing what school spirit means to them. Use his/her Twitter handle if applicable. (Pic should illustrate the quote)

2) Good grub: Photo & quote from someone (not a close friend or classmate) at your favorite eating spot or watering hole on or near campus. Use his/her Twitter handle if applicable.

3) Professor on the street: Photo & quote from a professor campus, talking about the role they think social media plays in our society today. Make sure you include his/her title & department, as well as his/her Twitter handle (if applicable).

4) Student on the street: Photo & quote from a student (not a close friend or classmate), talking about how they use social media to keep up with the news. Make sure you include their year in school and major, as well as his/her Twitter handle (if applicable).

5) Scenic spot on campus: Photo & info detailing your favorite place on campus.

6) Scenic spot off campus: Photo & info detailing your favorite place off campus/somewhere in the city

7) Little-known fact: Photo & info telling people something they probably don’t know about your university/city.

8) Fanatic fans: Since we’re in St. Louis… photo & quote from someone giving their projection for how the Cardinals will do this season. Use his/her Twitter handle if applicable.

Bonus points:

1) Freestyle: Photo & info with a final tidbit about what makes your school/city great.

2) Academic excellence: Photo & info that reveals how your university contributes to cutting-edge learning or research.

3) Extracurricular extravaganza: Photo & info that exemplifies the variety of student clubs/organizations at your university.

4) Video: Create an interesting/funny/relevant Vine or Instagram Video about your campus or city.

Examples from previous scavenger hunts


Texas State

Think ahead

Tweet smart! In class next week, you’ll create a Storify that reflects on your scavenger hunt experience and contains:

1) At least four of your own tweets

2) At least three tweets from your classmates

3) At least four tweets from LU students

4) At least three of your responses to LU students’ tweets

Remember that a Storify provides context for the material you bring in from Twitter. Think of the tweets as quotes for your first-person news story.


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