Jan. 23: Visual storytelling

Today’s agenda: We’ll talk about your examples of good visual storytelling

Due Thursday: Read/watch the materials in the Visual Storytelling folder. Write Blog post 2 & Tweet 2

Blog post 2

  • Find an example of good visual storytelling (it should include video/photos)
  • In at least 250 words, discuss what makes it good
    • What makes it compelling?
    • Is it journalism in the traditional sense, or storytelling done on behalf of an organization or other group?
  • Include an in-text link to your example
  • Link to any of the “readings” that helped you identify what makes the example a good piece of visual storytelling

Tweet 2

  • Summarize the main point of your blog post
  • Include link to your post (use bitly to shorten) and #mpj2014

For Tuesday: Read Building Personal Brand folder.

Due Tuesday: Blog post 3 & Tweet 3

Blog post 3: What is/will be your personal brand?

  • What is/will be your niche?
  • What is/will be your area of expertise?
  • How will you establish your personal brand?
  • Draw from the readings & cite at least one with in-text link
  • Use another in-text link to reference someone in your chosen field who you think has done a good job of establishing his/her personal brand & explain why
  • 250 words

Tweet 3: Tweet a summary of your personal brand plan

  • Link to your post
  • Use #mpj2014

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